With eight stores in the Cedar Rapids metro area already, Kwik Star is fast becoming one of the most popular convenience store chains in Iowa. Despite their growth, it was a huge surprise to discover they've never had a store in Iowa City. Until now.

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The Cedar Rapids Gazette says that in a move to further their mission of building more stores in Iowa than ever before, the owners of Kwik Star's parent company Kwik Trip, have secured a spot at 1907 S. Keokuk St. The new store will aim to give competition to nearby Casey's, and a Kum & Go at 1310 S. GIlbert St. which is currently under construction through December. That's also when the new Kwik Star is set to open. The new store will include a car wash and an "expanded food selection". We can't wait to see what they mean by that from a place that already sells better homemade fried chicken and fresh-baked cookies than any convenience store has a right to offer (trust me, I'm not complaining.)

The Wisconsin-based Kwik Star, owned by Kwik Trip has been changing the game in recent years when it comes to convenience stores. Their website also says they're now hiring to fill a number of positions, full and part-time for the new store, as well as the other existing stores. The new store will be built on the site of an old BP station as well as two adjacent properties that were purchased with the land in September 2020.

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