We never thought we'd hear Kermit the Frog singing alongside Christina Aguilera, Adam Sandler, Britney Spears and ... Flipper? Yet in a new original song, YouTubers Rob Cantor and Andrew Horowitz manage to combine 29 spot-on celebrity impersonations!

'Perfect' is just that -- an unbelievably accurate portrayal of a ton of our favorite stars as they "sing" along to the piano-based track. Rob seamlessly transitions from Louis Anderson's deep rasp to Shakira's sultry warble to Gollum's breathy whisper from 'Lord of the Rings.' There's truly something for everybody!

We need to pay mad props not only to the incredible impressions, but the original song's awesome lyrics. With lines like "I try to tell you what everyone knows /
You're perfect in the way that you are," the track has a very positive message that we love. Even though Rob is channeling the voices of other celebrities, he's preaching a pretty important mantra.

Check out '29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song' in the video above!