This is a wonderful week to be celebrating a lot of things. Spring blooms at around 4:58 p.m. Iowa time, according to The Old Farmers' Almanac on Wednesday, March 20. But that's just the start. Thursday, March 21 also marks "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" (obviously just a complete coincidence it also falls on my birthday). As you can see from the photo below, it's gone completely downhill for me.

Eric Stone

"Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" is celebrated on the third Thursday in March every year. It was started in 1997 by the Camp Fire organization simply as a way to remind kids they are amazing, important and special. Whether it be writing them a letter, making them a video or posting a loving message on social media, you are encouraged on this day as parents, to let your kids know how incredible they are.

Below are some of the incredible kids and grandkids of our staff (or of my coworkers themselves as kids).

Let us know with a comment below how incredible your kids are and we'll post it for them to see.

Kudos to all the Incredible Kids from 104.5 KDAT!

Michelle Slick

Micki Slick's grandkids Eli, Cayden and Presley

Michelle Slick

Ryan "Brain" Brainard's kids. Chase, Cayleigh and Carly:

Ryan Brainard

Jennifer Zoller and her brother Michael:

Jen Zoller

Our fearless leader (even back then) Mike Ferris (on the left) with his siblings Jane and Paul:

Mike Ferris

The one and only Bob James:

Bob James

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