Happy October 11th!

Just another day, right? Oh, no.  You've heard me talk on the radio about all my favorite singers. And none of them is a bigger favorite than Daryl Hall! One half of the famous "Hall & Oates" (a moniker they reportedly dislike, by the way, because they do have first names and separate careers, too. They also say it makes them sound like a "two-headed monster").

Anyway, he's having his birthday today. He's still out there (soft) rockin' at age 73. According to Google searches, "Rich Girl" was the #1 Billboard hit the week I was born (it might have been the week after I was born, but close enough).

I grew up listening to Hall & Oates thanks to my grandfather (who had low-key excellent taste) giving me numerous cassette tapes of their music over the years (I graduated to CDs and digital downloading later, obviously.)

So let's all raise a toast to Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Daryl Hal today. If you don't want to, well, then you're just Out of Touch and I Can't Go For That.

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