Radio personalities need love too! As if we don't pat ourselves on the back enough, right?

Today we want lots of it, because according to The National Day Calendar website, January 20 is 'National Disc Jockey' Day!

We can apparently thank a gentleman named Ray Newby, who, according to the National Day Calendar,

was a student under the supervision of Charles “Doc” Herrold at Herrold College of Engineering and Wireless. He played the first records over the airwaves before the word disc jockey even existed.

Walter Winchell actually coined the term "disc jockey" in the 1930s. Find out more about the history of disc jockeying HERE.

The cover photo accompanying this article on our website is none other than the late, great Casey Kasem.  He is my all-time favorite radio jock (industry jargon). You can thank, or blame, him for me being here. OK, a lot of other teachers, classmates, bosses and co-workers I have actually met along the way were helpful, too. We just love our jobs and hope it shows.

If you see your favorite DJ around, say hi today. Most of us are cool and won't shrug you off. Don't forget to give a shout-out to that club, wedding, party or bar DJ, too.

By the way, if the cup were filled, the photo above would depict every radio engineer's worst nightmare of a liquid beverage sitting near all that expensive electronic equipment in the studio--something I've NEVER done--(wink, wink)!

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