Even after years of working a stable and good paying job, there are very few of us who will ever be considered millionaires let alone billionaires.

The team behind Forbes 400 recently updated their running list of the richest people in America. With names like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates vying for the top spots, one Iowa man maintains his stable ranking on this list.

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Who Is the Richest Man In Iowa?

Harry Stine is originally from Adel, Iowa and continues to live in his hometown all these years later. He grew up the son of a farmer and started farming at just five years old.

Stine has become a major player in the seed-genetics game.

Stine founded and continues to run Stine Seed and has made his fortune through licensing corn and soybean genetics to major corporations like Syngenta, according to reports.

The 81-year-old is dyslexic and mildly autistic.

He owns a home that is a short ride from the Stine Seeds headquarters in his hometown of Adel.

How Much Is He Worth?

This father of four is considered the richest man in Iowa and the 76th richest person in the country. He is also the Hawkeye State's only billionaire.

As of October of 2023, the billionaire is worth approximately $9.7 billion which is a huge jump from last year. His wealth has grown by approximately $2 billion since 2022.

Over five years ago, his net worth was $4 billion less than today.

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