We're not surprised that making Harry Styles "ugly" for a certain Don't Worry Darling scene was a nearly impossible task.

The singer is known for his good looks and impeccable style. He was even named People magazine's Sexiest Chart Topper in 2020.

***Warning: Don't Worry Darling spoilers ahead.***

Throughout most of the movie, Styles' character Jack Chambers is polished and handsome.

But his appearance changes during the film's third-act plot twist, when we find out the idyllic 1950s town of Victory, Calif., is actually a terrifying computer simulation, and Jack isn't a suave and successful man of the house, but rather a greasy incel who has forced his successful surgeon wife Alice (Florence Pugh) into Victory against her will.

The modern-day Jack looks quite different from his augmented reality '50s alter ego. His tailored suits and perfectly coiffed hair are traded in for a dirty t-shirt and greasy, stringy hair.

The film's hair department lead, Jaime Leigh McIntosh, had a hard time transforming Styles' iconic 'do into present-day Jack's greasy mop. According to Page Six, McIntosh struggled with making the singer's voluminous hair lifeless, so she had to opt for a wig instead.

That seems like a pretty good problem to have, if you ask us.

To complete Jack's hermit look, Styles wore SFX makeup to give the appearance of acne scars. The result left the pop star almost unrecognizable.

But you'll just have to see it to believe it.

Don't Worry Darling is in theaters now.

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