When you have a classic American breakfast... bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee... how do you like it prepared?

A new survey polled 1,300 Americans. And for the average person, the answer is scrambled eggs, LIGHTLY toasted bread, somewhat crispy bacon, and coffee with a decent amount of cream in it.

Here's each part of a classic breakfast, and how people voted . . .

  1. Eggs: Scrambled is the most popular choice with 36% of the vote. Followed by over easy at 18%, sunny side up at 12%, over medium at 11%, hard boiled at 6% and poached at 5%.
  2. Bacon: 37% said they like it somewhat crispy, 34% said very crispy, 16% said somewhat chewy, 4% said VERY chewy, and 1% like it burnt to a crisp.
  3. Toast: 58% voted for lightly toasted. Followed by slightly darker at 28%, barely toasted at 8%, very toasted and 4%, and burnt at 1%.
  4. Coffee: 39% like it with enough cream that it's a light tan color. Black coffee was next with 21% of the vote. Then LOTS of cream at 11%, and just a little cream at 10%.

The survey also found 5% of us never eat eggs, 7% don't eat bacon, 1% never eat toast, and 19% don't drink coffee.

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