Last week, our new feature, the Tuesday Top 5 revealed our choices for the Best Burger Joint in Cedar Rapids, and you weighed in. While many of you supported Starlight and Parlor City, there were mixed reviews on Burgerfeen (Burgerfry) as one of the top choices.  There were also quite a few new ideas thrown in, some of which I've never been to, but are now on my watchlist. Here's what you said:

Starlite Room: Kenneth said, "Starlight wins in my book." Ivan added, "I'm loyal to Starlight. I've been going there the past 52 years."

Hyvee Market Grille on Edgewood: Jason claims their 1/2 pound burger menu is "amazing", and that they're all delicious.

Lucky's on 16th: A few of you labeled them as "incredible".

A few of you agreed with Parlor City's 'Juicy Lucy' while you also added Porky's and Daisy's Garage. Janelle also added Whiskey Tavern in Newhall, stating that "their Hangover Burger is the best."

As for Burgerfeen, while there was some support for our choice, Matthew was "not impressed", Travis said "not so much", and Mindi called them "gross".

Thanks for the input, and look for a new "Tuesday Top 5" list coming tomorrow.

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