A fundraising event geared toward training first responders in Delaware County is coming up in August, but organizers are worried about lack of support this year.

The "Hero Hustle" is a triathlon of sorts, with a biking, swimming and riding race that has raised $18,000 in the last 4 years, but they are on course to bring in quite a bit less this year.

One of the organizers told KCRG it can cost a couple thousand dollars to train each individual EMT, and to purchase equipment. Melissa Lindsay is the president of the Delaware County EMS Association. She tells KCRG they've found it difficult to solicit donations due to cuts everywhere after the coronavirus pandemic.

They're having the "Hero Hustle" event itself one way or another this year, according to Lindsay, but a shortage in donations may force them to adjust their programs. CPR dummies, training kits, or actual training could be limited this year, without enough funds. It's $65 to register and you can do so here.

Their Facebook page says that if anytime between now and August 30, they do cancel, those who have already registered can:

  • Receive 50% registration refund
  • Defer fees to participate in 2021
  • Donate your fee

It's a struggle right now, but if an exception can be made, it should be for first responders. They save lives. They may have saved the life of you or someone you love. You may need their help in the future. Now is the time to help them so they can be equipped to help you.

Get more information and donate to the Delaware County "Hero Hustle" here. If you'd like to join or attend it is being held at Schram Park in Manchester on August 30.

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