Black Hawk County Conservation invites you to its second year of the fantastic 'Hickory Hills Holiday Light Show' --- located less than 20 miles south of Waterloo.

This fundraiser features thousands upon thousands of brilliantly displayed lights designed by many local businesses and organizations.

The light show is so well illuminated that they ask that you turn OFF your headlights to enjoy the festivities for the price of only $10 per vehicle.

The Hickory Hills Holiday Light Show will be open from 6-10 pm on the following dates:

Dec. 10th-12th, Dec. 17th-19th, and Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve)

Cost: $10/vehicle (Cash or Check ONLY) No pre-registration is required.

Hickory Hills Park
3338 Hickory Hills Road
La Porte City, IA 50651

Hickory Hills Park Holiday Light Show

FAQ from the Hickory Hills Website:

Can I get out of my vehicle? Due to COVID-19 guidelines and safety considerations, you will not be able to get out of your vehicle.

Do I need to wear a mask? Whenever you roll down your window to talk to event staff, we encourage you to wear a mask.

Will the event be canceled due to the weather? Any weather updates/cancellations will be posted on our Black Hawk County Conservation's Facebook page.

Are there restrooms available? We recommend you use the restroom before arriving. The water has been shut off in the campground so the only restrooms available are pit toilets.

Is there an upcharge for larger vehicles?  No

Can I bring my pet? Yes, but the pet must remain in the vehicle.

Can we take pictures or videos of the show? Yes, but you must remain inside your vehicle at all times.


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