I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but having a pet is such a rewarding experience. I don't know about you, but without my dog, I don't feel like my life would be complete!

According to people on the internet, April 11th is also known as National Pet Day, a day to honor the pets you love, big or small! I've had quite a few pets in my life, but my very first was a blue parakeet named Blueberry. I know it's not the most original name, but I was like, 6 when we got him. Don't judge me.

As an adult, I just have a dog, but he doesn't live with me here in Iowa (my apartment won't allow it). He actually lives with my mom and her dog back in Michigan. This is my Pug/Boston Terrier mix Charles and Petey the Boston/Jack Russell Terrier:


We adopted Petey when he was just two-years-old, so we didn't get to name him ourselves, but we thought Petey was a very fitting name. The adoption agency named him after Petey from The Little Rascals because of the big spot on his eye. I originally named Charles 'Charlie' because I just really liked the name, but shortly after I started calling him Charles Xavier aka Professor X from the X-Men. That doesn't mean he's smart, though...

In honor of National Pet Day today, we thought it would be fun to explore the origins of our pets' names. Here are some stories from your favorite Townsquare Media DJs:

  • Jaymz Larson - KRNA
Jaymz Laron
"I got a cat about a two years ago from the Cedar Valley Humane Society. His name is Squeaks. I thought, what a funny name for a cat! I wish I could take credit for the name, it's very unique. It's also a cute name, and he's a cute cat. I never once thought about changing his name. However, he does have a few nicknames, (some I can't repeat in this blog when he rips up my couch) but I love the little guy."
  • Brain - KHAK

"Rigby was named by my son Chase. He loved watching The Regular Show on the Cartoon Network. One of the characters is a raccoon named Rigby. We all loved it!"

  • Bob James - KHAK
Bob James
Bob James
Bob James

We loved the fact Casey means 'brave and watchful,' hence our dog's name. Charlie and Caylie’s names were picked because of the “C” we choose.  However, their middle names are what mean something.  Charles Julian is the grandson of the person we got him from. Caylie Anna, the Anna is part of Julie's grandma's middle name and resembles her sister's middle name.

  • Danielle - KHAK

"Josh got Mira before we were dating, but I got to see her when he first got her and was deciding on a name. It was between Sam and Mira. I loved the name Mira and said she looked more like that than Sam…the rest is history. After looking into it, her name has a lot of meanings such as wonder, wonderful and peace…. which fits her perfect."

  • Micki Slick - KRNA
Micki Slick

"Rescued this little guy from a shelter... called him Axl Rose after the lead singer of Guns & Roses. He's lived up to the name... could destroy a hotel room in minutes!"

How did your pet get their name? Share a photo and the story in the comments!