I don't watch a lot of television these days to begin with, because I don't find much quality or entertainment in it. So, when I find a show that appeals to me, I am ecstatic and latch onto it.

One of these shows in recent years has been "Last Man Standing" starring Tim Allen. Some say it was just another "Home Improvement", but with daughters instead of sons. There's some truth to that but it was a thought-provoking yet also funny show. It dealt with family matters and personal as well as political issues--in funny ways. The politics in it probably rubbed some people the wrong way after a while (welcome to the world the rest of us have lived in for a while now), but it was the rare show that I related to.

We won't get too deep into that part, but it was disappointing to find out the show has gotten the ax after six seasons and won't be back in the fall. TVLine is beginning to keep a running list of shows that are being cancelled or renewed, and after the announcement this week that a popular drama is calling it quits after one more season (although it was the show creator's call in that case) and now the news of "Last Man Standing", how do you take the news of a show you love being cancelled, especially when there are so few of them to love anymore?

I haven't been this disappointed in a show cancellation since "Friday Night Lights", and that happened in 2011, according to Wikipedia. Six years ago. That tells you how few and far between there is anything meaningful to me on the tube.

It's just a show. I'll find another one. If not, I'm probably better off anyway. The good news is, "The Goldbergs" and "The Middle" are coming back!

Share your thoughts in the comments if you loved or hated "Last Man Standing", "Scandal" or any other show that disappointed you when it was cancelled.

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