The website Thrillist recently took a look at the average commute time, under average conditions, for each state. The results were mixed.

  • Not too surprisingly, New York (33.4 minutes), Maryland (32.8), Washington, D.C. (30.8) and California (29.4) have among the longest commutes. Illinois is up there too, thanks in part to Chicago's commute, we assume.
  • It's relatively easier in the Midwest. North Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas each have under a 20-minute drive to and from work. Wisconsin's number was a minor surprise at just under 22 minutes. Minnesota and Missouri were higher, each near 24 minutes.
  • South Dakota actually ranked best in the country as far as commute time at 16.6 minutes! Lucky them!
  • According to the site, Iowa's normal commute is roughly 19 minutes.

That actually kind of surprised me. I would call that almost double what the drive/ride from Hiawatha to downtown is for me, and even a little more than what it would take in yucky weather--barring accidents and traffic back-ups. But not everyone lives in the same town they work in, either.

What do you think, though? Does this sound in line with your commute? See the map below and share your thoughts in the comments.


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