The average height of Iowans may surprise you. I don't know about you, but I've never really thought that people from one region are any taller or shorter than another area. I've never looked at a basketball player and thought...WOW! you must be from Nebraska!

Some of the tallest men on average are from Iowa, according to World Population Review. Some of the other states on Iowa's level are: Alabama, South Dakota, and even Wyoming.  And Iowa is home to a lot of tall women too! Iowa's women are some of the tallest in the country along with Oregon, Minnesota, and Utah.

I guess we have to put together an entire state basketball team!

The average height of a man in Iowa is about 5'11 and up, and Iowa women usually end up measuring up between 5'4 and 5'7, which isn't too bad. This is about the same as our Wisconsin neighbors, but apparently everything isn't bigger in Texas because the men in the southern state come in at a short 5'10. I guess everything isn't always bigger in Texas.

It looks like men in Iowa don't have to worry too much about someone finding them attractive, at least according to a University of Chicago and M.I.T. joint study. The report says that there is a certain amount of money that a guy needs to be considered attractive, and it's all based on his height. Iowan men who stand at 5'11 are considered average in this study. These tall drinks of water only need about $60,000 in order to get a second glance, according to this claim.

The total amount keeps going up if you are below the average. For context, 5'10 men need to make about $85,000 a year, 5'6 guys should have around $240,000, and if you are a gorgeous 5 foot man then you probably make $380,000!

How do you measure up?

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