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Surviving Thanksgiving With Your Family

With so many family members gathered, Thanksgiving is always sure to get personal, and fast. The dreaded questions about plans for the future, your grades, or your love life can quickly spoil your appetite. So, what to do? Try to use humor to redirect the conversation to one more light-hearted? Perhaps rope in your siblings or cousins to share the infamous Turkey Day spotlight? Personally, I just keep my mouth full and keep a roll handy so I am never short an excuse not to speak! Or, you always pretend your mouth is too full to chat! (via Policy Genius)

Billie Eilish Booed

Billie Ellish has decided to no longer sign autographs due to them being sold on websites like eBay. The performer still welcomes fans with open arms for photos and a brief chat, however, if you are not a genuine fan and simply looking for a quick buck, then you're out of luck! Eilish was recently jeered and booedd for refusing autographs to pararazzi and other people planning to sell them for a profit. Some even used profanity and called her a "little b---h" for her refusal. We stand with you, Billie! (via PopCrush)

Happy Black Out Wednesday!

The night before Thanksgiving is everyone's favorite Wednesday night to party and have a few drinks too many, with no obligation the next day except to chow down. With everyone home for such a well-needed break, it is easy to get carried away: the night before Thanksgiving has more drunk driving-related deaths than New Years Eve. A little planning can go a long way, so have a designated driver or use ride shares, cabs, or public transportation to ensure your safety. (via KCAIA)

Train Your Stomach for Thanksgiving

There's only one day a year where gluttony is encouraged, and no one can resist a second helping at Thanksgiving. For professional eaters like Miki Sudo, overeating is a full time job. Miki says that 48 hours before a competition, they switch to a liquid diet. The day of, they only drink coffee — no water. Miki also wears a baggy tee and biker shorts to allow their stomach to expand. Don't let your Thanksgiving fit control your portions. Eat up! (via The Kitchn)


A young man by the name of Justin Gigliotti recently posted a video on Twitter asking for a "Merry Christmas" from everyone around the world. However, the Christmas wish isn't just for him: it's to bring awareness to 22q, or DiGeorge Syndrome, and its victims worldwide. The disease stems from an incomplete 22nd chromosome, and can affect development, appearance and autoimmune function. Justin's endeavor sounds like a great way to use the internet for good this holiday season. So, Merry Christmas, Justin! (via Newsweek)

Tyler Perry Pays Couple's Medical Bill

Atlanta couple Tori Austin and Stephen Johnson were recently enjoying a cruise when Stephen became severely ill and was rushed to an on-shore hospital. He was treated with emergency dialysis and was left with a $14,000 bill that the couple had to pay immediately in order to be able to leave. Luckily, their GoFundMe page caught the attention of Tyler Perry, who paid the bill in full. (via TMZ)

Is Justin Timberlake Being Unfaithful to Jessica Biel?

Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright were seen holding hands while in New Orleans for a movie shoot. Videos surfaced of the pair's hands touching, while Justin was not wearing his wedding ring. (via PopCrush)

Dysfunctional Celebrity Families

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