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Social Networking Sites May Be Monitored By Security Services
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If you didn't notice from all of the political ads on the radio and television, we are obviously in a political season. The general election is coming up on Tuesday, November 3 but if you've already voted by absentee ballot, voted in-person early, or know where you are already voting, you don't need Facebook reminding you all the time about voting. We'll help you turn off those pesky voting notifications on Facebook.

Before we show you how to turn off the Facebook voting notifications, let us remind you it is important to vote. We have created a full guide to help you vote, no matter what side of the Mississippi River you are on.

Click here to check out our #BeHeard guide to help you vote November 3. Once you have voted or have everything figured out, that's when you should turn off the voting reminders on Facebook. Here is how you turn off those reminders.

And there you go! Now you shouldn't have any voting reminders for the rest of the election year. I would say ever but I'm sure Facebook will turn it back on for you in 4 years or when they update the app.

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