Going to the grocery store is different in the COVID-19 world. It's one of the few things we can still do and, despite warnings, walking into a grocery store still provides people a chance to leave their homes. Hy-Vee is adding additional safety measures to insure their team, and shoppers, are as safe as possible.

The chain recently suspended all hot food and salad bars, eleminated the use of reusable bags, and added plexiglass in checkout lanes, among other measures, and they're continuing to ramp up safety measures.

KCCI Des Moines reports the store has implemented the following new changes.

  • Checkout workers will sanitize the conveyor belt between uses.
  • Signs have been posted asking to limit trips to one shopper per household.
  • Arrows and one-way signs are being used throughout the store.
  • Signs posted asking for one shopper per cart.
  • Employees have been asked to wear a mask, (this is not mandatory as of yet)
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