You've always known Hy-Vee was a great place to work. But, if something was holding you back from applying there, such as lack of benefits, now might be the time to get your application.

Hy-Vee has recently announced it's going to start offering these benefits, including life, health, dental, vision, auto, homeowners, renters and other types of insurance coverage (yes, even pet insurance!) to part-time employees!

Any of the 58,000 company-wide part-time employees, aged 19 and over (and their dependents and spouses), are going to be eligible through Midwest Heritage Bank, a company subsidiary.

This coverage will be available to part-time employees at a cost of $200 a month to these employees. So, the caveat is, it's not fully covered by the company.

It is hoped these new benefit options will serve as a way to recruit and maintain employees across the company. It sure seems like a well-intentioned step.

[Via Gazette]

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