Get ready for the great slowdown on I-380. The Cedar Rapids city council will hear a plan today that reveals those traffic cameras on the interstate through the downtown area will start issuing tickets again as of July 1st.

The four sets of cameras were the busiest in the city. But they stopped issuing tickets due to various legal challenges in 2017. Before tickets can be issued again, the city council will have to pass updates in the city ordinance on how to appeal tickets and what happens if someone doesn't pay their fines.

Police say that the cameras will help make that portion of the interstate much safer. Cedar Rapids police chief Wayne German says that the cameras change driving behavior, causing motorists to slow down which leads to fewer accidents. In the seven years the cameras were active, accidents fell by 37% and crashes resulting in injury fell 60%.

Police say that there will be a 30 day warning period during the month of June before tickets are issued starting July 1st. After that, anyone going caught driving 12 miles per hour or more over the speed limit can expect a ticket of at least $75.

[via KCRG]

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