This time of year, my friends start ribbing me about how I claim to dislike Fall.

"It's the best weather!"

"It's pretty to see the colors change!"

Sorry, I am just not a fan. Chili and football are the main redeeming qualities I can find with the impending change of season. I am really not trying to be a Debbie Downer. We all have our preferences. Apparently, mine is in the minority.

A new survey was conducted that determined 84 percent of people LOVE fall. Mainly because of the weather. It cools off a bit and I can't complain about that.

What I've determined is that it's probably not Fall in general I dislike, as much as its lack of daylight! It's already getting dark earlier and come November 4, daylight saving time ends and we start seeing the sun go down by 5 p.m. YUCK!

So I confess, I do enjoy some of what fall has to offer. But, whether I do anything with it or not, I love the extra daylight and the weather in the summer. I guess I am part of the "16 percent".

What are your thoughts?

[Via YouGov]

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