To be honest, it's been the kind of week most of us get in this business for to begin with. So much has been going on, I could barely keep it all straight. Between a handful of local breaking news stories and hot topics, and some gigantic concert announcements, there hasn't been a dull moment.

But, I wish there had been, because in the midst of all of it, I forgot one very important day. Thursday, April 27 marked what would have been Casey Kasem's 85th birthday. I know I seem to do a commemorative blog every year now to mark both his birthday and his final sign-off (both literally and figuratively) so I am going to keep it short and sweet. I'm sorry if you're tired of it, but he was a big reason for why you're reading this and hearing me on the air today, so he deserves my recognition.

There is also actually another important date I'll be thinking about next week too that has somehow simply snuck up on me, so forgive me in advance, the 7-year anniversary of my mother's passing.

Thanks again, Mom and Casey, for being my inspiration in so many ways.

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