"You have high blood pressure, we're prescribing you Lisinopril".

I feel way too young for this, but I heard it from my doctor over the weekend. I know all the risk factors. My 66-year-old father has it, so it's genetic. Exercise more, eat less. Always easier said than done, but now a necessity rather than a suggestion.

But, I've been overweight all my life with no real concerns. Until now. I thought I was too young, at 42, but I am officially on blood-pressure meds. Doctor's orders:: eat better, exercise more, stress less. Everyone else's orders: chill out, don't make everything a crisis, and don't let irritating people get to me so much!

No one wants to hear me blame it on that last one, but I know it's a problem.

Have you had these issues and had to be put on medication at a much younger age than you thought was normal? What were your methods of changing what you needed to change?

Please share some support or lecturing in the comments.

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