This week marks the last episodes of Jeopardy! that will feature Alex Trebek, the legendary game show host we all came to love over his 37 season run on the syndicated program. Sadly, Alex Trebek passed away on November 8. He'd been battling pancreatic cancer for many years. The show will go on, but it certainly will feel different.

To watch the last batch of episodes to feature Alex Trebek as host, you can catch Jeopardy! weekdays at 3:00 PM on KWWL (channel 7), and you can play Jeopardy! anytime you want with the help of Alexa.

Ok, let's have some fun remembering Alex and test YOUR knowledge of all things Iowa and see how you do with these fifteen Iowa related Jeopardy! clues. And, shoutout to Pete Hanson from our sister station in St. Cloud, Minnesota for the idea.

15 Times Iowa was part of a Jeopardy! Answer/Question:

(You'll find the answers are at the bottom of the page - good luck!)

  1. George Reeves from Woolstock, Iowa was a trained boxer & in 1952 became the first actor to play this character on TV.
  2. This instructional driver's license for the young can be obtained at age 14 in Iowa.
  3. Fat pigs & fried brownies are featured at this, the biggest annual event in Iowa.
  4. The bridges of this Iowa county were the title feature of a Meryl Streep movie.
  5. A city in Iowa, or a type of sofa.
  6. In 1873 near Adair, Iowa, this outlaw & his gang hit the Rock Island line in the "first train robbery in the West".
  7. Since 1972 these Iowa candidate selection events have been a key first contest in the race for the White House.
  8. To help the war effort, in 1943 Iowa farmers grew 40,000 acres of this 4-letter crop, genus Cannabis.
  9. Buddy Holly & friends perished near this Iowa city named for a beautiful body of water.
  10. On I-80 in Iowa you'll find what claims to be the world's largest this; it has a 300-seat restaurant & 24 private showers.
  11. Iowa's nickname the Hawkeye state is said to honor this Sauk chief who fought the U.S. in an 1832 war.
  12. In 2007 Winterset, Iowa celebrated the centennial of this actor's birth there, Pilgrim.
  13. Iowa's hot beef sundae includes a buttery scoop of these, topped with gravy & cheese & garnished with a cherry tomato.
  14. For Steak de Burgo, an Iowa favorite, this is mixed with garlic & spooned over meat.
  15. This Iowa city was named for a French Canadian, the first white man to settle permanently in what is now Iowa.
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Here's the answers... I mean, questions from above:

  1. Superman
  2. A learners permit
  3. Iowa State Fair
  4. Madison County
  5. A Davenport
  6. Jesse James
  7. Iowa caucuses
  8. Hemp
  9. Clear Lake
  10. Truck stop
  11. Black Hawk
  12. John Wayne
  13. Mashed potatoes
  14. Butter
  15. Dubuque

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