Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday! Are you ready? Our mothers do so much for us and always have, they deserve something special done for them, not just on Mother's Day but always. Here are some practical gift ideas, with help from Money magazine, to treat Mom this weekend.

  • Gift Cards

    These are perfect for any occasion. They can be geared toward something really personal and special, like a spa day or massage, or you can pick one up from Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, any other grocery store or place that she can use it to pick up her personal necessities.

  • Clean Her Ride

    It was a long winter and dirt and debris were likely to pile up inside and out of everyone's vehicles. A good gesture for Mother's Day would be to spend what looks like a gorgeous weekend ahead taking care of this chore for your Mom.

  • Do Her Other Chores

    Surprise Mom by helping her with cleaning the house, cooking dinner (or taking her out), laundry or countless other tasks that keep her busy all day and night. Think of anything you can do to simply lighten her load, and do it.

  • Spend Time Together--or Leave Her Alone

    Do a family game night, take her to a movie or dinner, just the two of you. The gift of your time together can potentially be the most important gift there is. I don't know if my Mom actually enjoyed the movie itself, but one year we went to see the movie "Rocky Balboa"--the sixth Rocky installment, and had an awesome time being together.

    You get the idea. Go bowling, go shopping together so you can actually be there with her to help her get something nice for her.

    On the other hand, if she would like to just have some time to herself, you can give her that too, while performing some of the aforementioned tasks, perhaps.

  • Help Her With Technology

    If your Mom's not real techy but wants to learn, you can teach her. Digitize old family home movies or pictures, or if she treasures the physical photos more, buy new frames for them. Consider reloading her e-reader or buying her some new music--or tickets to a concert you can attend together.

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