Remember when America's favorite pastime was baseball? Right now, it's trips to the fridge, but baseball is on the horizon for a return in July.

The Major League Baseball player's union has a lot to ponder, before approving a shorter season. The league just released a 67-page handbook full pf rules detailing how the game of baseball is to be played during a pandemic.

I can't even imagine what the meetings were like to compile these new rules. These new rules make a lot of sense when trying to control the spread of COVID-19, but they are going to change the way a Major League Baseball game looks, dramatically.

The shorter season, pending player's union approval, is expected to start the first week of July. Teams will stay within their region so as to not spread anything from state to state.

Courtesy of, we get a look at some of the 'new' MLB rules:

  • Weekly COVID-19 tests on players, coaches, management and stadium personnel
  • Mandatory daily temperature checks
  • Managers and coaches must have on face-coverings at all times, players are encourage to do the same, when they're off the field.
  • Players will be asked to shower at home, not at the stadium
  • No chewing tobacco
  • No spitting in dugouts
  • No hugs
  • No high fives
  • No fist bumps
  • Players must use hand sanitizer each half-inning
  • No face touching while giving signals
  • No finger licking
  • No tossing the ball around the infield
  • Ball will be tossed after being touched by several players
  • No wearing uniforms outside of the stadium
  • No mascots
  • No bat boys or girls

Oh, and in case you forgot, we'll be watching all of these changes from home.

If Baseball Returns in July It's Going to Look Very Different

I can't wait to see what the player's union approves, if anything at all. Many players don't want to play at all for fear of catching the virus. Then there's the other sticking point... players are still negotiating how much they're going to get pad to play a shortened season.




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