I need to figure out how to get to Des Moines on May 8th. Why? Oh, no reason. Just the fact that, according to Rolling Stone, a huge tour featuring two '80s mega-groups has been announced, starting in May.

Hall & Oates and Tears for Fears launch their 29-city jaunt on May 4 in Tulsa, and not too long after, on the 8th, will be right here in Iowa--in Des Moines! I was finally hoping for a Cedar Rapids stop but no such luck. As a lifelong Hall & Oates fan who is not getting any younger himself, I am well aware that's even more so the case for those guys. I hope this isn't their last tour but it's the closest they've been to here in a long time and probably ever will be. I've said that every year since their 2010 show at Riverside Casino, but now they've finally wound their way back around to near our neck of the woods. To have Tears for Fears joining them on the bill just increases the urgency.

I. Must. Make. This. Happen. If this is ever going to happen for me, the time is now.

You can see the full tour schedule and story HERE. Tickets for the Des Moines show go on sale March 10 through Hy-Vee Tix

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