In an update to yesterday's news about two former Go Cedar Rapids executives being charged with bank fraud in the fallout from New Bo Evolve, comes word that at least one will be keeping his current job--for now.

The Charlotte Observer picked up a report from the Associated Press (AP) that 46-year-old Aaron McCreight, now the CEO of Visit Dothan, a tourism agency in Dothan, Alabama--population 71,000--plans to plead guilty to the NewBo charges of bank fraud, according to court documents.

McCreight has signed an agreement saying he plans to plead guilty, court documents show, and prosecutors announced that he could face up to 30 years in prison. But the tourism organization said McCreight has done a good job since arriving in Alabama in 2019.

Go Cedar Rapids went under after the NewBo Evolve event in 2018 headlined by Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson cost them and the city $2.3 million. Another former executive of the agency is 54-year-old Doug Hargrave, now of Puyallup, Washington also plans to plead guilty according to the same court documents. Each could face up to 30 years but hey, at least they're doing a "good job" according to the boards of their current organizations. A statement from Visit Dothan said

The board of directors of Visit Dothan is very confident in the financial management practices that it currently has in place and in the confidence that it has placed in Aaron based on the job that he has done

McCreight took the job in Alabama in 2019, mere months after being fired from Go Cedar Rapids.

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