In the Iowa State legislature it looks like things might be getting a bit more PG.

There is currently a new bill in the works that would restrict anyone under the age of 18 from gaining access to "adult" websites. The fall would be put on the page owner who permits minors to view pornography on their sites.

State Representative Sandy Salmon is pushing to actually make it illegal for pornography websites to allow minors onto their page. Salmon is the sponsor of this bill, which on Tuesday morning actually passed through a House subcommittee and garnered some approval.

Colleagues of Salmon actually want to make a few tweaks to this piece of legislation. Critics say that this bill could hypothetically apply in the case of a minor watching a movie on a streaming service that is rated R.

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This bill, as it currently stands, would require someone visiting the adult page, to go to a website in order for age verification. They would then have to release documentation proving that they are of age, i.e. Social Security card, passport, birth certificate, etc. Lawmakers say this could unintentionally lead to a rise in identity theft.

A similar piece of legislation was passed and made into law in the United Kingdom back in 2017. This law required pornography websites to verify the ages of the users of the website. Just like some of the Iowa politicians, there were concerns raised about privacy, thus this law was actually abolished several years after it went into effect.

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