With five Iowa locations and loads of national recognition under its belt, an Iowa-based clothing company has just announced a partnership with one of the most legendary humor publications in the world.

RAYGUNshirts will be designing products under the umbrella of The Onion! The Des Moines Register reports the company has most recently opened a store in Davenport, and will design a line of "quippy" satirical, sarcastic headline-bearing shirts in the image of the national publication.

The Onion throws light shade at the Hawkeye state with apparel like “The Onion: Iowa aims to keep young people from moving out of state with new 'The Stress Will Kill Your Mother' retention campaign” and a “The Onion: Iowa leaves big saran-wrapped bowl of potato salad at Illinois border after making too much” shirt.

For their part, Raygun called the pairing “The Greatest Collaboration in the Universe”. We can't disagree! According to its website, Raygun has Iowa locations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, and Davenport, while also operating stores in Chicago, Omaha, and Kansas City.

This is the first such partnership with a brick-and-mortar retailer for "The Onion", according to the Register. It actually won't just be clothing. There will be Christmas tree ornaments, baby bibs, and cork beverage coasters among the collaboration's product line.

Count us in! For now, the partnership will last through the holidays, but a longer-term partnership is being discussed.

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