With summer travel season upon us, you might be driving across town to see friends.  Across the state to see family.  Or across the country for a vacation getaway.  No matter how short or far you go you'll have to deal with other drivers.

In some states, you may feel more comfortable driving than others.  Driving through Iowa you'll be among the best drivers in the country.  As you can see in the map below, Iowa is superior to our neighbors and most in the country.

The Worst Drivers In America


Gunther VW Delray conducted a study to establish where America’s best and worst drivers reside. Instead of basing the study on numbers and statistics alone, they focused on the authentic observations of seasoned road trippers. The people who have journeyed across multiple states experienced varied driving cultures, encountered countless drivers in a myriad of situations, and have tons of jaw-dropping tales to share.

Based on those drivers the worst place to drive is Alabama.  Coming in with a score of 5.7 compared to a national average of 6.7.

Right at the national average would be Iowa's neighbors of Illinois and Wisconsin at 6.7 with Minnesota just below the average at 6.6.

The Best Drivers In America

driving on highway

The best drivers in the country are in Nevada.  Which is a bit of a surprise.  If you've ever driven, or walked, in Las Vegas...well the rest of the state must lift things up.  The state of Nevada gets a 7.5 rating.

Just behind Nevada, Iowa drivers emerged as the second-best in the nation with a rating of 7.3.

Do you believe those numbers?  If not, maybe you don't see a problem.  Or, maybe you are part of the problem as to why Iowa is second behind Nevada.

Check out the ranking of every state below.

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