Non Midwesterners always seem to think the same thing about this region. The same old stereotypes: We're mostly farmland, we're full of animals, rural areas smell like manure, corn for days etc. But in actuality, those are largely true. Oh, and very accurate for much of Iowa. So shouldn't we just make it official? Iowa is the capital of the Midwest.

I'm not just pulling this out of my bag of pork rinds. (Mmm, pork rinds!) I recently was on the Iowa Reddit page and came across the subject 'Iowa is definitely the most Midwestern state'. This got me thinking, if Iowans feel that way, would others? I mean, would people in New York even give a rip what the unofficial capital of 'flyover country' is? Would a surfer duuude in California even know where Iowa is on a map? (Hint, bro, we're NOT Ohio). Then realized I could actually get an answer to the question. And I did.

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I continued to scour Reddit looking for Iowa topics, with non-Iowans commenting. I figured out we meet literally every single Midwestern trope. Hence, to the non carrying, non Midwesterner, we are the capital of the Midwest! Further proof, the website Vox in 2016 did a poll with its users overwhelmingly picking good ol' IA as the most Midwestern state. Keep scrolling to check out the comments I found from (mostly) non-Midwesterners. By the way - if we needed a capital city for the capital if the Midwest, how about Waterloo? We have most everything from leisure to recreation to an Olive Garden... Plus, you drive 2 miles north out of town on highway 63 and you get those famous Iowa fields! Capital city. Just saying.

What Non-Iowans Think of Iowa

Iowa is the capital of the Midwest! Ok, that's unofficial, but it's my stance. Here's what NON Iowans think of us.

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