While it's been months since the Derecho hit the Midwest, debris pickup and forest clearing has started back up. I for one can't believe how many trees there are that still need to be cut down due to damage done by the storm all the way back in August.


Many spots are being turned into dumping sights for the debris, but some artists like Clint Henik are turning the debris into incredible art.

The  Mount Vernon chainsaw artist was featured in an article with KCRG, so we decided to take a look at some of his amazing work! These posts can be found on the Facebook page, Carve R Way.

Posted by Carve R Way on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

  There is also a website called Carverway.

Source: CarveRway Website


This art is truly beautiful especially when you see how much work goes into them.

Source: CarveRWay website


This work has picked up a solid fan base in Iowa, and is sure to grow!

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Fall happens! See u in the spring!!!

Posted by Lisa Zimmerman O'Mara on Sunday, October 18, 2020

More information about this work can be found here. This video is from a few years back, but does a great job showing how the work is done.



They also have a promise to their customers,

Displaying art at your property is a great way to improve its appearance. Custom art can show others what you're really like. Here are five reasons why you should hire Carve R Way to build,

your wooden additions:

Your pieces will spark interesting conversations.

You'll give your place a rustic appeal.

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