There are 99 counties in the state of Iowa and Tyler Sullivan is looking for a unique experience in every single one of them. Not only does he have the goal of visiting each county, but he also has the goal of running at least one mile in each city, in the state of Iowa.

According to Google, Iowa is made up of 99 counties and consists of 947 cities. I'm exhausted just thinking about how many miles that is to run. To put it in perspective, Iowa City is roughly 940 miles from Waco, Texas. I know Tyler isn't running 947 straight miles, but to think about how far 947 miles really is, makes this an incredible goal.

Last June, Kerri wrote this story about Tyler and his progress at that time. One year later he has made it to 92 counties with about 130 cities left to run through, according to KCRG

The idea started back in 2015, when Tyler would travel from Iowa City to Mason City, for a long-distance relationship. When talking to KCRG he mentioned just wanting to find something special about every city in Iowa and traveling through counties he'd never heard of. For example, Chickasaw or Bremer.

I love finding that little hidden gem in every single town in Iowa.

It's not just running through every city that Tyler wants to accomplish either. He's also an avid writer. Other than running through every city, Tyler also wants to write a poem for each county as well.

Tyler has also accomplished self-publishing two books. According to his Facebook page, Iowa's Scenic Views By Foot the first book titled "With You Every Step Along the Way" was dedicated to his grandparents, with the proceeds going towards lung cancer. The second book titled "Living This Thing Called Life" was dedicated to his high school coach with some of those proceeds going towards pancreatic cancer. 

You can follow along with Tyler as he travels through Iowa, visiting each county, and running through every city, on his Facebook page. If interested in either of Tyler's two books, he asks you to send him a message on Facebook.

As of today, June 9, 2022, Tyler's latest Facebook update shows his most recent adventure was visiting Kamrar, which is a town located in Hamilton County.

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