Southwestern Community College
Southwestern Community College

During the month of April, students and faculty on the campus of Southwestern Community College in Creston hold what they call "Pay It Forward Week." While that's officially still a little over a month away, a group of them thought they would start the good-deed-doing a little early.

Winter is not a good time to lose your ride

Getting to work in the winter in Iowa is difficult, as we're learning today, even if you have a car. Some people don't and have to find alternate means of transportation, whether that be by bus, cab or bicycle. Heaven forbid having to walk. But a dedicated employee at Southwestern may have been close to that situation, if not for this act of kindness by a group of students who clearly consider him a friend.

Tyler is a cafeteria worker at the college who's described as a quiet guy who is always in a good mood. He even dances when he makes your food, according to a SWCC report.

A cafeteria worker's bike was losing steam, so students stepped in

KCCI reports that after seeing how out of shape Tyler's bike was, a group of students decided to buy him a new one. Now, these are college students, so admittedly their budgets were limited. But, the students pooled their finances and purchased him a shiny new ride. Kudos to students Nash English, Kurtis Noonan, Robert Norton, and Collin Sager who stepped up to help Tyler.

They not only bought him the bike but some supplies and accessories to go with it, including a bike lock, headlight, taillight, water bottle, and air pump. They didn't need an excuse to help Tyler, but it turns out they had one anyway.

Pay It Forward Day

April 28th is designated across the country as Pay It Forward Day, but these students remind us that no act of kindness, big or small, goes unnoticed or unappreciated any time of year.

Essential Winter Emergency Kit Items

Winter season in the Quad Cities means cold temperatures, heavy snow, and slick roads. Hopefully, you won't ever need to tap into your winter emergency kit, but it's better to have one in your car than to be unprepared. Make sure you have these essential items in your car before winter arrives in the Quad Cities.

Coldest Morning in Cedar Rapids History

On January 31, 2019, the mercury in Cedar Rapids hit -30. That's the actual temperature that morning, which set the new record for the coldest temperature in Cedar Rapids history, with records dating back to 1893. The previous all-time record low temperatures for the city was -29 on January 15, 2009.

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