The new world of social distancing, shutdowns, "masking up" and living our lives on Zoom started nearly a year ago. COVID-19 vaccines are rapidly rolling out and that's good news. It's easy to say "it's been tough for all of us". There are many who say they don't fear the situation, but it's too late to save the lives of what a new memorial website says are the more than 5,500 people in Iowa to-date who didn't get that life-saving chance with a shot in the arm.

In an effort to recognize them, Iowa's News Now reports on the launch of a new memorial site in their honor. There are several hundred names on the list already, as you can see at their website. According to Iowa's News Now,

The memorial website launch will lead up to a variety of memorial events in the coming weeks. These events will be promoted by the coalition listed on the website. More information about these events will be shared soon.

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Progress Iowa is among a number of partner organizations to help launch the website to tell the stories of families and lives devastated by Coronavirus, and if there's someone you know and love among them, you can tell theirs and share a photo if you'd like. Again, the memorial site is located here.

Our most heartfelt condolences go out to all who have dealt with loss during this confusing and difficult time.

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