Okay, ALMOST 200 marijuana plants.

After a warrant was obtained and her house was searched, 57-year-old Gail Stevenson of Des Moines was charged with the following, according to KCCI: "three counts of controlled substance violation and two counts of failure to affix a drug stamp, according to court documents."

But she'd have to have more than just the marijuana plants to accrue all of those charges, right? You guessed it.

Along with with the 187 marijuana plants, Stevenson possessed 2,162 grams of marijuana and 1,591 grams of THC edibles in her home, per the court documents KCCI obtained. The drug paraphernalia was discovered in her residence in June.

The Polk County Public Works employee isn't alone in her charges, though. Alan Sullivan, 59, was also charged during the investigation of her home and is her co-defendant. She lives across the street from Grand View Christian High School on the east side of Des Moines.

Both Stevenson and Sullivan posted bail after their arrest. Sullivan is also pleading not guilty -- his trial is set to be held on September 12.

KCCI adds that "Stevenson filed an order of protection on June 17 and a petition of domestic relief on June 6 against Sullivan. She alleges Sullivan threatened to kill her, physically assaulted her, locked her out of the basement, and had the home raided due to his marijuana growing."

Stevenson is currently on leave from her job with Polk County.

Finally, the news station elaborates on Iowa's marijuana laws in a separate article:

"While recreational marijuana is not legal under any circumstances in Iowa, possession of marijuana for recreational use is usually considered a misdemeanor charge.

The most severe sentence is up to two years in prison, and as much as a $6,200 fine.

If a prosecutor decides that a person was arrested with more marijuana in their possession than they are likely to use themselves, then they are charged with a felony for cultivation or distribution.

That prison sentence can range from five to 50 years, depending on the amount, and up to a $1 million fine."

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