Father's Day is this weekend (yikes!) and that means you're probably scrambling to find your dad the perfect gift. Fear not, my fellow delegator: there are plenty of perfect gifts you can still buy for any Iowa dad. Before I start with the ideas, I'm assuming your dad is much like mine. So some of my suggestions may miss the mark, I concede. However, the idea is to get him gift, you're likely not looking for more than one so, I hope you find someone decent.

Speaking of decent gifts, the website SimplyCodes chose a 2.4-inch dash camera as the essential Iowa dad gift. I guess they're only $30 and you can find one at any farm/fleet store. Worth mentioning as it's not on my list, though there is a camera on my list. It's certainly not the same as you'll soon see.

Most gifts work well for a single buyer

A few of the ideas you'll see might be a bit costly for one person, but if you have siblings or someone else looking to go in on a gift with you, these should hit the mark just fine! Also, don't forget to buy a card to go along with the gift. Unlike many on this list, you cannot just grab a card a scoot. Not if you're like me, that is... you HAVE to read every single one of 'em first!

Without any further ado, Let's get to the list! Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all Iowa dads!

The Perfect Father's Day Gift for Any Iowa Dad

Need a gift idea for dad? You're sure to find something on this list!

Snake Alley in Burlington, IA

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