It's all about the summer memories when two friends from Winterset take their annual "BFF Road Trip". For a few days, up to a week, Brandy Macumber and Tamara Bane travel and make stops at unique places, taking pictures of their encounters and adventures along the way. The two actually set up a Facebook page, which now has over 2,000 followers, to document their journey called, "You Can't Be Serious?" and on it, they said:

Just two Iowa girls that met on a volleyball court many moons ago and we just can't stop making everything funny... road signs, selfies, circumstances... anything ends up cracking us up. We've learned you just can't take life too seriously

Sounds like fun right? Well this year, they've added something new. During all this traveling, they're not forgetting to stop for dinner, and they're not forgetting the hard-working servers and crew members at those restaurants. It's been especially tough for that industry in recent years, and Brandy and Tamara decided to use their Venmo account to collect funds to use as tips for the restaurant workers who take care of them along the way.

What happened next was amazing, as the amounts they collected got progressively higher. They were able to provide an over $200 tip the first night, $530 the next night, and more than $1000 to their third and fourth servers!

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Their trip is set to end today (Monday) as they return to Iowa but if they have any money left, they told KCCI they plan to put it towards other acts of kindness.

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