A couple of buddies from Holstein, Iowa are about to be featured on the popular television show Shark Tank.

According to The Courier, Taylor "Earl" Nees and his longtime friend Garret "Buddy" Lamp developed Muff Waders. The $85 bib overalls can be used as waders (although they are not waterproof), and they come complete with a built-in six-pack beer cooler on the chest, pockets on the legs large enough to hold 1/5 liquor each, a hidden pocket for extra storage, and an attached bottle-opener. Oh, and did we mention they also have a magnetic koozie, so you don't even have to hold the beer you're drinking!? These things are genius.

How did the idea for Muff Waders come about? Well, the Courier reports that Nees came up with the idea at a high school football game in 2016, when he really wanted to carry his drinks with him. He was joking around with friends, wishing they had overalls with a six-pack in them. Ness told the Courier that the next day he woke up and drafted up a drawing of the cooler overalls on the back of a restaurant napkin. It took a while to nail down a manufacturer and get a prototype, pal Lamp joined during the search. The final prototype was delivered at the beginning of 2020.

How did they come up with the name Muff Waders? According to The Courier, it was a combination of inspiration from the muff, or fur garment women use to keep their hands warm, and a mixture of the words "manly" and "tough".

According to The Courier, so far Nees and Lamp have sold around 900 pairs of Muff Waders through online and traveling sales in their "van-headquarters". Oh yeah, did we also mention that they are headquartered inside a 30-year-old van that they take to fairs, parties, and tailgates? At least they are saving money on office space.

This business venture is not these buddies' full-time job, believe it or not, as noted in the fine print on their website.



But, maybe it will be after their Shark Tank debut. Their episode of Shark Tank airs this Friday, March 5 at 7 p.m. on ABC.

These aren't the only Iowans that have been on Shark Tank. Last month, and Iowa couple landed a deal on the show. Read their story here.

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