*The photo above is a stock photo. The girls are not part of the troop referenced in this story.

An Iowa Girl Scout troop made up of girls who live in an emergency homeless shelter has obliterated their original goal of how many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies they wanted to sell. So they set a new goal. They accomplished that one, too.

Girl Scout Troop 64224 is from Council Bluffs, Iowa. All of the girls in the troop live in an emergency homeless shelter called MICAH House. Just like other Scouts across the nation, they sell Girl Scout Cookies each year. They began the 2021 cookie-sales-season with a goal of selling 1,000 boxes. According to CNN, as of last Friday, February 26, they had sold more than 5,000!

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What do you do when you reach a goal? You set a new one, of course. The young ladies decided they wanted to try to sell at least one box of cookies to all of the 50 states. Guess what? This morning, they announced on Facebook that they've met that goal as well!

According to their website, "MICAH House, founded in 1986, is an emergency family homeless shelter that provides shelter and support services to hundreds of children and adults annually."

Each girl at MICAH House receives a free membership to the Girl Scouts. Despite their rousing success selling Girl Scout Cookies, the shelter's troop was only started a few short years ago, in 2018.

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