Never underestimate the power of an angry Gramma.

On June 11, an Iowa woman posted a video to encourage her TikTok followers to request tickets to Donald Trump's Tulsa rally and it created quite the stir when the video went viral.

The Daily Mail reports Mary Jo Laupp, a 51-year-old grandmother from Ft. Dodge, Iowa claims it wasn't meant as a prank, but as a legitimate protest. She was angry that the rally didn't take into account the history of Tulsa's 1921 Race Riots or the significance of the date June 19 commonly known as Juneteenth.

In her Tik Tok video, Mary Jo Laupp encouraged viewers to google the two phrases: "Juneteenth" and "Black Wall Street" asking followers to read up on her reasons calling for the rally protest.


The result of her posting was that hundreds of thousands of tickets were requested by people with no intention of attending the rally. On the day of the event, the crowd was estimated at only 6,200 in attendance, leaving lots of empty seats in the BOK Center.

The Trump campaign had originally scheduled the event for Friday, June 19 in Tulsa. But due to the bad optics of booking a political rally on the date known as Juneteenth, the Trump campaign rally was subsequently moved to Saturday, June 20, 2020.

Another reason for her righteous indignation was an infamous bit of Tulsa history, the race riots of 1921. The Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa was once known as "Black Wall Street," an affluent black community that is sadly now known for the violent massacre that occurred there on May 31 and June 1, 1921. On those two days, hundreds of Black American citizens were killed by white mobs in race riots that destroyed their community.

According to the Daily Mail, Mary Jo Laupp told CNN that her video was not intended as a prank, but rather as a genuine protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement that is seeing a strong momentum growing worldwide over the concerns of police brutality on minorities.

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