It appears that Iowans need to spend a little more time with the daily chores list...

I'll be the one to jinx us so when we see snow in 2 weeks, we can blame me but doesn't it feel like spring has already arrived? The first official day of spring is Tuesday, March 19th but I'll go ahead and declare spring has already arrived. You might already be working out when to get your spring cleaning done.

Hopefully you haven't lost a trash can it has been a windy start to the month of March. If you've put off your household chores during the winter months your spring cleaning might take more than 1 afternoon.

How much time per day do you think you spend cleaning your house? Do you do a few small things daily or wait until the weekend to get everything tidied up? HomeGlow has found out how much time people in each state spend cleaning their homes and the results aren't exactly great for Iowa.

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I've always felt that there are 2 types of people regarding house chores and cleaning. There are the people who don't mind a few dirty dishes in the sink and clothes scattered around the house and then, there's those who can't focus or do anything until the house is clean. Those two people normally end up married.

How long do people spend cleaning their homes and where does Iowa rank?

Unsplash - Anton
Unsplash - Anton

Where Does Iowa Rank?

According to HomeGlow, a regular adult in the U.S. spends around 34 minutes every day doing housework. Sorry fellas as I throw us under the bus...Women spend a massive amount of time on these house chores compared to the average guy.

The average woman spends about 49 minutes per day cleaning, while men don't even spend 20. When it comes to Iowa, there are only 10 states that spend less time cleaning per day. Iowans spend 30 minutes each day cleaning, 182.5 hours per year cleaning, which leads to a total of 7.6 days worth of cleaning. This is 4 minutes less than the national average for amount of time per day, which puts Iowa in a tie for 7th worst in the country.

Wait a minute...50 Minutes?!

Is it just me or does 30 minutes not sound that bad? My wife and I have a 3 bedroom home, a back yard, and a garage. Nothing insanely expensive or big but it's a nice little house for just the 2 of us. How much more cleaning can really be done than 30 minutes?

Who has time to clean for 50 minutes per day? Which is how long Alaskans clean their homes daily, according to HomeGlow. I'd have to start doing the neighbors chores to fill 50 minutes.

Imagine if you lived in this 500 ft square home? How on earth could you possibly spend more than 30 minutes per day cleaning? If this takes you more than 30 minutes to clean, you're not cleaning right. If you live in one of Iowa's luxury homes...that's a different story.

Could You Live in a 500 Sq. Foot Home?

Even though the home only clocks in at 500 sq. feet, there's still a lot to love here.

Gallery Credit: Johnny Marks

Iowa Home Holds Hidden Luxury Within Its Walls

The central Iowa home, built in 2020, has an in-ground pool, three bathrooms, and four bedrooms that are all on the top floor. However, it's what you see when you walk inside the front door that's so unique. Located at 5429 150th St. in Urbandale, it's priced at $500,000. The listing agent is Gilbert Gonzales of eXp Realty.

Gallery Credit: eXpRealty


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