The real estate market went into 2022 on fire and shows no real signs of slowing down. For many - dare I say most Iowans looking for a home, they'll have to deal with a bidding war to score that dream home.

But, there are other options... you could save a ton of money and purchase a fixer-upper. And, if you're willing to drive a bit more to work or a bigger city, you could really save some dough.

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Today, I present to you the cheapest option in eastern Iowa. Located in Keota, a town of under 1,000 residents, this home will set you back only $30,000.

Think about that... $30,000. Most new cars cost more than that. Heck, so do some used ones!

Yes, it needs some or, arguably a lot of TLC; but it's a great option for a young couple or a single person who's willing to invest the time and energy to get it to the point where it could sell for over $100,000. Spring is about here, this could be the spring project you've been waiting for.

For sale on, here are some quick facts about the Keota home, before we look inside.


  • 936 sqft on a .23-acre lot
  • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • Built-in 1926
  • Has been for sale for less than 24 hours (as of this writing)
  • The kitchen and bathroom have newer flooring, which you'll see looks nice
  • Keota is about 1 hour south of Cedar Rapids, 2 hours south of Waterloo

So now that you have some fast facts, let's see 503 E Centennial Ave in Keota Iowa!

$30,000 Will Get You a Decent House in Iowa

Located in Keota, this house has a lot to offer for only $30K. It needs work, but it's not too bad.

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