If you have a potty mouth and don't mind letting a few curse words fly from time to time, this recent study is 100% for you. Bleep yeah!

When you jump on the internet or social media and start scrolling, you never know what fabulous information you can learn. Plenty of things you read on the internet are garbage but once in a while, you'll come across some information that matters and information you really need to know. This is the type of information I think the rest of the country needs to learn about Iowa.

The Hawkeye state was so close to reaching number 1 and I'm all for it! You can help Iowa reach its full potential today if you so choose. Apparently, Iowa is full of a bunch of potty mouths!

Unsplash - Gabe Pierce
Unsplash - Gabe Pierce

Americans Like to Swear

According to Business Insider, Americans are cursing more in 2023 than ever before. For those that use profanity, we use anywhere from 80-90 curse words every single day. This equates to 5 swear words every hour of the day. The good news is that swearing can supposedly help you live a healthier life in the long run. Let's bleeping go!

If you hurt yourself and let your favorite 4 letter word fly, it can actually help reduce the pain you're experiencing. If you're working out and use profanity, it can help increase handgrip strength, pedal faster, and can help reduce the stress that comes with working out.

Which States Swear the Most?

Iowans swear the second most in the entire country, only missing out on the number 1 spot to Missouri. If you lived in Missouri...you'd probably swear a lot too. While you may refrain from swearing while in public or around your grandmother, Business Insider wanted to find out how often we swear from behind a computer screen.

The study looked at 46,674 online posts from Iowans and discovered 4,837 cuss words. Iowans use 103.6 cuss words every 1,000 posts. The top 10 states the issues the most cuss words online are

  • 10. South Dakota
  • 9. Idaho
  • 8. Indiana
  • 7. Arkansas
  • 6. Ohio
  • 5. Tennessee
  • 4. Oklahoma
  • 3. Louisianna
  • 2. Iowa
  • 1. Missouri.

The study revealed that 10% of Missouri's online posts contain profanity.

Favorite Swear Words

Our favorite swear words are...basically all of the heavy hitters. You know them, you love them or hate them if you aren't a fan of profanity. The 10 swear words used the most are:

  • 10. Cr*p
  • 8b. F**ked
  • 8a. Bulls**t
  • 7. Sh**ty
  • 5b. A**
  • 5a. Da*n
  • 4. H**l
  • 2b. F**k
  • 2a. F***ing
  • 1. S**t

The number one cuss word appears in 19% of online posts that contain curse words.

When it comes to swearing, I was always taught there's a time and a place. Grandma's house, around my mother, my friend's parents, etc, aren't the places to start dropping your favorite dirty words. Save those for the duck blind, the bar, and hanging out with your buddies.

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