If two studies say it's true, then it must be!

According to a new article from Zippia, Iowa is one of the top ten happiest states in the U.S. The Midwest did VERY well in this particular study, with eight out of the top 10 states hailing from the middle of the country. Iowa came in at number eight.

Why did we score so high? The article states that Iowa has a depression rate of 4.9, a median household income of $59,955, and a marriage rate of 52.9. And, we have a lower commute time than average. The study says:

"Iowa is one happy Midwestern state. For one, they have pretty short commutes- on average 19.1 minutes, which is 7 minutes shorter than the average US commute. If that 7 minutes don’t make you happy, consider that’s 14 minutes a day both ways, and more than an hour saved each week. Over a year that adds up to 52 hours saved."

They also found that Iowans work an average of 38 hours per week.

A study from WalletHub in the fall of 2019 reported that Iowa was the 11th happiest state in the country, which is only two off from this one. That must mean Iowans really are happier! Maybe that's why we're "Iowa nice..."

Check out the rest of the results from the study HERE.

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