Ryan Miller is a corrections officer at the Anamosa State Penitentiary. In March of 2021, two of his colleagues, Lorena Schulte and Robert McFarland were killed in a riot at the facility.

Since then, folks across the state have come to the aid and honor the families and colleagues of Schulte and McFarland in several commemorative ways, from staff and inmates from other Iowa prisons donating to fundraisers, to Ryan Miller's "Run Across Iowa 2021" which, a short time after the riot took him on a statewide run.

According to KCRG, his trek took him to 40 towns in Iowa and for the second year in a row, he's going on another run, although this time it will be slightly shorter in time and distance.

April 23 and 24, Miller, who calls himself the "Vision Runner", will run around the West Delaware track--for 24 hours straight.

“I’m gonna start Saturday morning at 7 am we’re gonna go till that Sunday at 7 am,” Miller said.

He will continue his cause to raise awareness for the families of Schulte and McFarland, but also, and this is where the "Vision" part comes, Miller will raise funds this time around for Manchester Lions Club Kidsight Vision Screening program. They help local kids get important free vision screenings, including his son Tyson, now 7. His screening determined a need for eyeglasses when he was three years old. Why are early vision screenings important, among the many other things kids need early in life? Miller said that on his son's free vision screening, they "caught something" and told him he needed to see a local optometrist immediately, who prescribed and fitted him for eyeglasses.

Miller is also inviting the public to join him on his 24-hour run, for the duration or any part of it to help reach a group goal of 1,000 miles. To join the run, get more information and register here.

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