I cannot believe what some stranger left on my car.

I'm not the best when it comes to parking. Sometimes when I'm in a rush, I just haphazardly pull right into whatever empty parking spot is available and pay no mind to the lines.

When I am in this sort of situation, I always make sure that I snag a spot that has no other cars parked nearby. I like to think of it as a sort of common courtesy for my fellow drivers.

I know myself...

I know the parking job is going to be absolutely trash...

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However, one day I was in for a bit of a rude awakening after wrapping up work. That morning I was running especially late to get into the office, so I did not think to adjust my vehicle at all after snagging an amazing parking spot.

When I got back to my car, I found a piece of paper stuck in the windshield.

How did I manage to get a ticket while my car was parked? I swear I parked in an unreserved spot! Turns out, it wasn't a ticket, but rather a coloring page???

It reads, "Many three-year-olds have trouble staying withing the lines. Maybe if you practice coloring this turtle, it will help with your PARKING!"


First off...fair enough. I was definitely parked outside of the lines.

Secondly...just how petty can you be? Someone saw how poorly I was parked then went inside of their office and PRINTED OUT this coloring sheet and then brought it down to put on my car.

Better yet, this parking vigilante carries sheets upon sheets of these coloring pages just in case they encounter a really bad parking job.

While it was a bit of a shock and slightly annoying, I did get a bit of a rude awakening from this little turtle.

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