Iowa: Field of opportunity. It's true, but we're more than fields and farmers, right? We're more than flat and void of lakes and recreation? Wait, are we actually even those things?

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I was inspired to examine some of the myths folks, even natives, believe about their own state. My main inspiration came from an article I saw published on one of our sister stations in Texas posted an article about that state (thank you Aaron Savage!)


So, let's delve into the top 10 myths folks have about the corn-covered Hawkeye State, shall we? Maybe some of these you yourself believe, maybe a couple of these are going to be totally new to myths to you. Whatever the case maybe, let's get rollin'. No tractor necessary.

10 Myths About Iowa That Even Some Natives Believe

Iowa is an ag state with more heads of hog than human, but there's a lot more to us than crops and critters. How many people actually know that, however?

10 Iowa Towns That Are Hard To Pronounce


Waterloo School District - Welcome Signs

With an enrollment of more than 10,500 students, the Waterloo School District is one of the 10 largest of Iowa’s 377 public school systems. The district currently operates two regular high schools, one alternative high school, four middle schools,11 elementary schools and a regional career center. The district includes the cities of Waterloo, Elk Run Heights, Evansdale, Gilbertville, Raymond, part of Cedar Falls, and some unincorporated areas of Black Hawk County.


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