Pianist Jim McDonough returns to Cedar Rapids this weekend for the annual "Holiday Grande" tour at the Paramount Theatre.

It's an exciting event in more ways than one, as McDonough is an Iowa native, from Monticello. He circles the state every November and December, bringing his Orchestra & Singers on various stops to spread holiday cheer and musical joy to audiences who are left mesmerized by the spectacular blend of music, sets and costumes.

Best of all, proceeds from "Holiday Grande 2018" support the local nonprofit organization Camp Courageous, which provides year-round recreational and respite care for individuals with disabilities.

"Holiday Grande" is scheduled for Sunday, December 9th 2:30 p.m. at the Paramount Theatre. Learn more about the show and how to get tickets at the Paramount website, and download our free mobile app to take your holiday favorites everywhere, and sign up for alerts and updates on concerts, shows, contests and more.

If you'd like to get passes to the Jim McDonough Holiday Grande concert, we could deliver them to your office this week with a free Subway sandwich platter. Enter now at KDAT.com


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